Sacro supporting women in Lanarkshire

This week’s featured service is on behalf of Sacro.

Women have many layers of presenting needs which can trigger offending behaviour and theses can be complex e.g. chronic physical health problems, mental health issues, addictions, bereavement, family dynamics, poverty, social and environmental factors  etc. Sacro have been delivering gender specific services to women in the Lanarkshire area since May 2010. Since 2010 Sacro have been working to continuously improve and expand our services to support a more diverse range of women in the Criminal Justice system. Sacro’s Women’s Mentoring and Shine services work with women to improve their lives and reduce offending; from their first offence to release from prison.

We are now able to offer support women on the periphery of offending through our Early and Effective Intervention (EEI) service which is a new initiative, funded by North Lanarkshire Council. By providing support to women who are displaying behaviours which could lead to offending Sacro aim to reduce escalation to criminal activity and prevent women entering the Criminal Justice system which would have a detrimental impact on them, their families and the wider community.

The service is voluntary and only offered to women who have agreed to participate. Each woman receiving support from the service will get a holistic and tailored service to suit their individual needs. A named worker will work with the woman to address underlying causes of offending, reduce offending, recognition of the impact of offending and help women develop new skills and capacities.

EEI works with a range of partners including Police Scotland, healthcare and voluntary organisations who are in a position to identify appropriate referees.