One woman’s experience in the justice system

What kind of challenges do women face when they become involved in the justice system?

They are many and they are complex.

On this forum we’ll bring you some of the stories and experiences of women themselves.

We’ll change names or protect their anonymity but the accounts are accurate.

Angela’s story

Angela was referred to the Turning Point Scotland and Aberlour’s Glasgow Women’s Supported Bail Service by the Bail Team at Norfolk St. in March.

We have changed her name to protect her identity.

Her support worker describes the challenges she faces.

“The purpose of the referral was to help her with a range of complex physical, psychological and social problems that have appeared almost intractable over a number of years. This was also impacting upon her ability and motivation to attend key appointments with a range of services within Justice, Health and Housing services.

She was deemed as being at a high risk of breaching her Bail Order and would require the services of the Glasgow Women’s Supported Bail Service  that would adopt an Assertive Outreach approach in an effort to reduce this risk.”

Angela is a 48 year old woman with a grown up family, however she has been estranged from them and her grandchildren mostly as a consequence of her perceived lifestyle. The family stated they feel unable to support her and often vent their anger and frustration at her when she makes contact.

Angela has tunnel vision and is registered blind. Her cognitive functioning and short term memory were assessed as being extremely poor when she was recently seen by the Alcohol Related Brain Damage Team (ARBD) for Initial Assessment.

Unfortunately, the ARBD team advised they could not continue with the Assessment at this stage as Angela was still using alcohol and her case was closed.

Fundamental to her needs is suitable accommodation.

It has been extremely challenging so far to progress her “Care Pathway” as she has no foundation to work from or be in the best position to engage in supports, gain better outcomes and ultimately more independence.

This case study is specifically reviewing Angela’s involvement and experiences with Housing Services. The Homeless Addiction Team Care Manage Angela’s case.

We’ll bring you more about Angela’s case soon.