Leeann’s story

Leeann started in Turning Point Scotland’s 218 residential service aged 25 years old, she completed a 6 month stay and graduated from the Venture Trust end programme, following this she went into the community programme and completed a further 6 months. A year on from completing the full 218 program Leeann continues to flourish.

“My journey through the 218 was one of the hardest things I have done in my life I had wanted to change my life for years but never had the tools or help to do it.

While I was in 218 I learned about my offending behaviour and it was the first time I actually realised I have only ever offended when I was under the influence of drink and drugs.

I was introduced into the fellowship of AA which I am a member of still to this day.

I learned to live without drink and drugs and learned about my emotions.

I was able to gain my family back, get all my charges dealt with and make plans for the future.

I learned that there is so much more to life than drinking and drugs. 218 changed my life and gave me the chance to be a better person and live a better life, and now my life has changed completely.

I now have a full time job working with a company Braveheart Industries which works with people who have criminal convictions that are in recovery.

I am doing an SVQ level 3 in professional cookery and I love it.

I have a sponsor that I work closely with and I am in two different fellowships AA and CA which has gave me a new lease of life.

I do volunteering in a soup kitchen on a Wednesday and it feels really great to be able to give back because a few years ago I used to go to soup kitchens now I’m able to volunteer it’s amazing and so very worthwhile.

I live a much more valuable life today and it’s all down to the help of 218 and for that I will be forever grateful”

Leeann’s story featured in 218-annual-report 2015/2016 available for download. It has more personal stories and updates from the service.