Life changing experiences at Vox Liminis

Thanks to Vox Liminis for letting us share this blog about Lisa, who started working with them. They are a fantastic creative organisation bringing a range of different people from the justice system together through music. You can follow their story on their blog as they have lots of exciting projects coming up.

It’s easy to find yourself staying still for the sake of job security.  I wanted to use the side of me that loves working with and helping people, but found myself afraid to make a move from a corporate world in case it was the wrong one.

Then life threw a curveball that took me away from all the security I had: away from work, away from Glasgow, away from the people who know me best.  Have you ever been in the most and at your most vulnerable place yet had to be the strongest you’ve ever been?

Maybe you have, but if you haven’t, it’s as confusing as it sounds.  Of course I was worried for my future and what would happen next, but the answer came in one sentence: “If you love music and have criminal justice experience, you should speak to Vox Liminis” (Rob – I’ll be forever grateful!).

So, I did.  Although I wasn’t in Glasgow full time, the weeks where I was, I went to Unbound and met some of the most wonderful people this world has to offer.

I was more creative than ever, because I was in a place where I could be more honest than ever.  That was January 2015.

Then in April 2015 my future became a lot brighter…“Can you give us a CV?  We might have a job for you.”

A year and a half later I’m still in one of the best jobs I’ve ever had and happier than I’ve ever been.  I work with many people in Vox.

People that I can support and people that support and help me grow, in some way, every day…and that is more liberating than anything.