Award winning Glasgow Women’s Supported Bail Service celebrate success

Glasgow Women’s Supported Bail Service, delivered in partnership with Turning Point Scotland &  Aberlour, recently won the ‘Silo Buster’ Award at the Scottish Social Services Awards.

The service works with many women that have a variety of complex issues in their lives. We bring you the story of Liz, who is 48 years old and has been homeless on and off for about 20 years:

“I had addiction issues, various medical issues which lead to a chaotic lifestyle and at times meant I was caught up in criminal justice.

I first met staff from the Glasgow Women’s Supported Bail Service just over a year ago, I was offered support from the service and accepted it as I had been placed on bail, had no benefits in place, homeless and misusing alcohol.

I knew early on that I would engage with the service as my worker made the effort to get to know me and come out and see 2-3 times per week. Before getting support I had found it difficult to meet with any other services, control my alcohol use and also get an accommodation. I didn’t know a service like the Glasgow Women’s Supported Bail Service existed and at first my worker helped me get into 218 project which helped me with my alcohol use. I have not misused alcohol in approximately 10 months, the service also  helped me set up a benefit claim which meant I did not have to commit crime.  I am now in an independent living accommodation and the service continues to try and get me my own tenancy which is all I’ve ever wanted.

My bail is coming to an end and I have asked that my bail gets extended so that I still get support from the service because they have done so much for me, I don’t know who I would turn to without the service.  I think that that the bail service has been life saving for me, before I met my worker I had attempted to take my own life several times, the service gave me a sense of self-worth and made me feel like life was and is worth living, it has encouraged me to think for myself and I think I would have struggled to do this without support from the service. I think that the time was taken to get to know me and I have never had that before, ever. I know without the support from the service I would be dead, I think the best thing to happen to me is getting bail as I got support from the Glasgow Women’s Supported Bail Service.”